California Media is a premier web design and development company based in Dubai, UAE. We offer expert website design and development services, including CMS integration, SEO optimization, and web hosting, provided by our team of skilled designers and developers

We create fully functional web applications accessible to millions of users worldwide. At California Media, we constantly enhance our web design and development capabilities to provide the best experience for our customers..

A well-designed website is essential for any business owner looking to enter the online market and ensure complete customer satisfaction. If you're a business owner seeking an affordable yet professional web design to accelerate your business growth, choose us.

WordPress Website

Our expert team then crafts a high-performance and scalable enterprise WordPress CMS, integrating features uniquely customized to meet the specific needs of your business. Experience the efficiency and flexibility of a CMS designed exclusively for your success.

WordPress Development Solutions

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Custom CMS Development

California Media builds custom websites from the ground up, delving deeply into your brand to highlight its best aspects. At California Media, we tailor each project to meet your brand's specific needs. Our mission is to enhance your brand's presence through our websites, which are functional, robust, secure, and scalable, featuring an attractive UI/UX design that boosts your business.

CMS Development Solutions

Website Maintenance (AMC)

If you need a friendly, Dubai-based, hassle-free website maintenance firm to manage your site, reach out to us today. As a leading professional web design and development agency in Dubai, we offer comprehensive website maintenance plans that provide 360-degree care and support, covering a full range of services.

Website Maintenance (AMC) Solutions

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Hubspot CMS

Hubspot’s Content Management System Hub (CMS) is a revolutionary system that has made website building efficient and easier for marketers. It allows marketers to quickly make customisable pages, leverage SEO recommendations and use a variety of different tools to effectively attract and engage visitors.

Hubspot CMS Solutions

Website Malware Removal

Malware refers to any malicious code or program installed on a website with the intent to harm the web system. Hackers often deploy bots to scan for vulnerabilities on a site, which they then exploit using various attack methods. Once malware is introduced, it can rapidly degrade website performance and functionality, necessitating immediate action from website owners to mitigate the damage.

Website Malware Solutions

Ransomware concept - Computer Keyboard with red RANSOMWARE. Hacked virus hijacked cyber attack
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Fix and Repair Hacked Website

A cyber attack not only compromises critical security but can also take your website offline, hurt your search engine rankings, and lead to significant drops in traffic and revenue. We can repair most hacked websites within a few hours and de-blacklist them within 24 hours. Remove hazardous malware from your website immediately by contacting us.

Fix & Repair Hacking Solutions


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